At Birkbeck, University of London

“Writer in Residence Seminar”; PDF

At Brooklyn College

"Philosophy of Culture" (senior seminar)

"Race, Justice, and Equality" (senior seminar)

At Brown University

"Foucault in Africana Thought" (graduate seminar): Spring 2004

"Philosophies of Race and Racism" (graduate seminar): Summer 2001 & Spring 2004

"Black Existentialism" (undergraduate lecture course): Spring 1997 & Spring 2003

"Contemporary African Philosophy" (senior and graduate seminar): Fall 1996, Fall 1997, Fall 1998, Fall 2000, & Fall 2002

"Frantz Fanon: Philosophy, Politics, Culture" (senior and graduate seminar): Fall 1997, Fall 1999, Fall 2001, & Spring 2002

"Narratives of Power" (undergraduate seminar): Summer 2000, Summer 2001 & Fall 2002

"Hannah Arendt: Politics, Nation, and Philosophy" (senior and graduate seminar): Fall 2001 & Spring 2003

"Black Cultural Studies" (graduate seminar): Spring 2003

"Poststructuralism in Liberation Thought" (graduate seminar): Fall 1996 & Spring 2002

"Rastafarianism: Philosophy, Politics, Theology" (undergraduate lecture course): Spring 1998 & Spring 2000

"Phenomenology of the Human Sciences" (graduate seminar): Spring 1998 & Spring 2000

"Recent African-American Philosophy" (seminar): Spring 2001

"Sartre’s Being and Nothingness" (senior and graduate seminar): Spring 2001

"Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason" (graduate seminar): Fall 2001

"African-American Religious Thought" (undergraduate seminar): Spring 1997 & Spring 2001

"Husserlian Phenomenology" (graduate seminar): Spring 1998 & Spring 2000

"Hegel’s Logic" (senior seminar): Spring 2000

"Religious Existentialism" (senior seminar): Fall 1998 & Fall 2000

"Race in Horror Films" (introductory undergraduate lecture course): Spring 1999

"Black Modernism and Postmodernism" (senior seminar): Spring 1999

"Radical Theories of Education" (seminar): Fall 1999

"Modern Epistemology": Spring 1997

At Purdue University

"Frantz Fanon: Philosophy, Politics, and Culture" (graduate seminar): Spring 1996

"Philosophies of Slavery" (senior seminar): Spring 1996

"Black Liberation Thought" (senior seminar): Spring 1995

"Phenomenology" (graduate seminar): Fall 1993, Fall 1994, Fall 1995, & October 2012

"Philosophy of Literature" (graduate seminar): Spring 1995

"Black Existentialism" (senior seminar): Fall 1995

"Twentieth-Century Philosophy" (intermediate undergraduate): Fall 1995

"Introduction to African American Studies": Fall 1993 & Fall 1994

"Embodiment and Anonymity" (graduate seminar): Spring 1994

"Philosophies Born of Struggle" (senior seminar): Spring 1994 

At Temple University

"Frantz Fanon’s Thought and Its Legacy" (graduate seminar): Fall 2011

"Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason" (graduate seminar): Spring 2011

"Reading Sartre I: Being and Nothingness" (graduate seminar): Fall 2010

"Philosophy of History" (graduate seminar): Spring 2010

"Philosophy of Culture" (graduate seminar/undergraduate seminar): Spring 2007, Spring 2009, & Fall 2010

"Proseminar in Philosophy: Twentieth-Century Philosophical Conceptions of Reason" (graduate): Fall 2005, Fall 2006, Fall 2008, & Fall 2009

"Philosophy of Existence/Themes in Existentialism" (intermediate lecture course): Fall 2004, Spring 2007, Spring 2009, Spring 2010, Spring 2011, & Fall 2011

"Rastafari and Judaism" (undergraduate), Fall 2009

"Fanon in Political Theory" (graduate/undergraduate seminar): Fall 2006

"Recent African Political Thought" (graduate): Spring 2006

"Black Existentialism" (honors undergraduate): Spring 2006 & Fall 2008

"Proseminar in Philosophy" (graduate seminar): Fall 2005, Fall 2006, & Fall 2008

"Foucault in Africana Thought" (graduate seminar/undergraduate seminar): Fall 2005

"The Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre" (graduate seminar/undergraduate seminar): Spring 2005

"Recent African-American Philosophy" (undergraduate honors seminar): Spring 2005

"Ongoing Readings on Approaches to Philosophy" (graduate reading group): Fall 2004

"Recent African Philosophy" (graduate seminar): Fall 2004

At Yale University

"Frantz Fanon’s Thought" (graduate seminar): Spring 1998

At the University of the West Indies at Mona

"Poststructuralism in Liberation Thought" (graduate seminar): Fall 1998

"Africana Political Thought" (graduate seminar): Spring 1999

"Social and Political Philosophy" (undergraduate and graduate): Fall 2003, Fall 2005, & Fall 2006

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