Popular Culture

"In identifying European man qua European man, we, following Fanon, signal the importance of decentering him as designator of human reality. But this does not mean that the project of constructing or engaging in human science must also be abandoned. Instead, in the spirit of Fanon’s call for radicality and originality, the challenge becomes one of radical engagement and attuned relevance."

Fanon and the Crisis of European Man, p. 103. (Quote selected by Neil Roberts, Williams College)

"Of Tragedy and the Blues in an Age of Decadence: Thoughts on Nietzsche and African America";

“On The Spectacle Of An-Other”; Vuma Levin

"The Problem of Maturity in Hip Hop"; PDF

"Through the Twilight Zone of Nonbeing: Two Exemplars of Race in Serling's Classic Series"; PDF

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