On Science

"Du Bois's announcement [of the hermeneutical turn on studying the Negro problem] has played itself out, prophetically, in this regard. Race and color have marked a course through the twentieth century like a rift through the planet in whose wake and quakes corpses and heaps of ideological rubbish have piled themselves, like casualties on the Western front. Deny it as we may, as a consequence or cause of a multitude of evils the problem of the color line is a persisting problem — a problem that, in the eyes of a thinker such as Derrick Bell, in his Faces from the Bottom of the Well, is here to stay. Born from the divide of black and white, it serves as a blueprint of the ongoing division of humankind.  The color line is also a metaphor that exceeds its own concrete formulation. It is the race line as well as the gender line, the class line, the sexual orientation line, the religious line — in short, the line between 'normal' and 'abnormal' identities."

Existentia Africana, p. 63. (Quote selected by Stefan Wheelock, George Mason University) 

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