Existentialism & Phenomenology

"There are some attachments, some values, of which we must let go, and in so doing, we will find a way outside where we encounter the awesome set of possibilities raised by the stars in the night sky."

Disciplinary Decadence, p. 90. (Quote selected by Julia Suárez-Krabbe, Roskilde University)

“Black Existence in Philosophy of Culture”; PDF

"Essentialist Anti-Essentialism, with Considerations from Other Sides of Modernity"; PDF

"George Lamming the Existentialist"; PDF

"Irreplaceability: Existential Phenomenological Reflection"; PDF

"Is the Human a Teleological Suspension of Man? Phenomenological Exploration of Sylvia Wynter’s Fanonian and Biodicean Reflections"; PDF

"Is Philosophy Blue?"; PDF

"On Charles Ephraim's The Pathology of Eurocentrism" (review essay); PDF

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