“ThreeGenerations: Snippests from EP”

“Fulfilling a Dream”

“Disposable Life” (February 2016)

Quraysha Ismail Sooliman's interview (part two) of Lewis Gordon on FINDING ME Season 3 (interviewed in Pretoria, South Africa, 6 October 2015):

Quraysha Ismail Sooliman's interview (part one) of Lewis Gordon on FINDING ME Season 3 (interviewed in Pretoria, South Africa, 6 October 2015):

“Oppi TV discussion with Professor Lewis Gordon and the Black Student Movement in Grahamstown, SA”

“Race and Gender from the Standpoint of Sartre’s Philosophical Anthropology”

"Deconstructing Humanity: Three Black Existential Challenges" (August 2015)

African Ascent
(August 2015)

"The Streets Are Polyphonic: Marxism and Improvisation"

"Can the Working Class Consciously Unite?"

"Shifting the Geography of Reason" (February 2015)

"Frantz Fanon at 90"

“Slideshow of Mandella Visiting Professor" (2014)

"Existential Philosophy as World Philosophy" (June 2014)

"Living Thought, Living Freedom: A Lecture in Black Existential Philosophy" (February 2014)

African Ascent
 (September 2013)

African Ascent
 (February 2013)

"What's a Good Argument?" (October 2012)

"Existentialism, Pan-Africanism, and the Radical Idiom in Black Thought" (October 2012)

"On the Crisis of Physics as an Opportunity" (July 2012)

"Race Beyond Disciplinary Decadence" (April 2012)

"W.E.B. Du Bois and Philosophy in a Time of Crisis" (February 2012)

"Below Even the Other: Colonialism’s Violent Legacy — in Honor of Fanon" (December 2011)

"Critical Rhythms" (October 2011)

"«Quand je suis là, elle n'y est pas»: On the Monstrous Threat of Reasoned Black Desire" (April 2011)

"Philosophy Beyond the Classroom 2, Continued" (Philosophical Installations, December 2010)

"Philosophy Beyond the Classroom 2, with Drums" (Philosophical Installations, December 2010)

"Lewis Gordon Drumming" (Philosophical Installations, December 2010)

"Philosophy at Home" (Philosophical Installations, December 2010)

"Fanon and Violence" (Histories of Violence, June 2010)

"On Working Through Race and Judaism: Lessons from Gary Tobin" (November 2009)

Be'chol Lashon/In Every Tongue (October 2009)

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