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"On Trayvon Martin" (March 2012)

"On Obama Backing Affirmative Action" (August 2012)

"On Herman Cain" (August 2012)

"On Political Conventions and Human Dignity" (September 2004)

"On Symmetry, Equality, and Romney" (September 2012)

"On Atonement" (September 2012)

"On the Strength of Young People" (October 2012)

"On the Need for Affirmative Action" (October 2012)

"On How Death Shatters Lives" (October 2012)

"On Government and Disaster" (November 2012)

"On Democracy" (November 2012)

"On Ethics Over Stupidity" (November 2012)

"On Thanksgiving" (November 2012)

"On Greed" (November 2012)

"On Survival" (December 2012)

"On Leaving Temple" (December 2012)

"On the Need for Gun Control" (December 2012)

"On Global Cruelty" (January 2013)

"On M.L.K." (January 2013)

"On Obama's Second Term" (January 2013)

"On Family" (January 2013)

"On Anti-Government Thinking and Jobs" (February 2013)

"On the Housing Market" (February 2013)

"On Christopher Dorner" (Fenruary 2013)

"On Black History Month" (February 2013)

"On Women's History Month" (March 2013)

"On Domestic Workers" (March 2013)

"On Sagging and Respecting Women" (March 2013)

"On Passover" (March 2013)

"On Black Youth Needing Direction" (April 2013)

"On Women's Basketball" (April 2013)

"On the Bombing in Boston" (April 2013)

"On What White Faculty Can Learn from Black Faculty" (April 2013)

"On Mothers" (May 2013)

"On Austerity" (May 2013)

"On the Slaying of the British Soldier" (May 2013)

"On Black Unemployment" (June 2013)

"On Moving On" (June 2013)

"On July 4th" (July 2013)

"On Unjust Justice" (July 2013)

"On the Shame of Racism" (July 2013)

"On Courage and Leadership" (August 2013)

"On the March on Washington" (August 2013)

"On Syria" (September 2013)

"On Obama's Syria Talk" (September 11, 2013)

"On Birth" (September 2013)

"On the Shutdown" (October 2013)

"On the Right vs. the Left" (October 2013)

"On Someone You Should Know" (October 2013)

"On the Truth about Slavery" (November 2013)

12 Years a Slave" (November 2013)

"On Black Philosophers" (November 2013)

"Whatcha Gonna Do?" (December 2013)

"On Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o" (January 2014)

"On My Mother" (January 2014)

"On the New Slaves, Part 1" (January 2014)

"On the New Slaves, Part 2" (January 2014)

"On the New Slaves, Part 3" (February 2014)


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