June 5–6

Workshop: The Jewish Revival in Europe and North America: Between Lifestyle Judaism and Institutional Renaissance at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy:

August 4–10

Lewis Gordon to convene existentialism sections/panels, time TBA, World Congress of Philosophy, Athens, Greece

Contact: Secretariat WCP 2013 at

August 29–September 1

Frederick Douglass and the Power of Persuasion Roundtable, American Political Science Association. Chicago, IL

Contact: Neil Roberts at

September 25–27

Keynote, Critical Thinking of the South: Genealogies and Emergencies, time TBA, Science and Technology Center of Mendoza, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza

Contacts: Alejandro de Oto at and Adriana Arpini at

The organization is under the responsibility of the Historiography and History of Ideas unit at the Institute of Humanities, Social and Environmental Sciences (INCIHUSA) of CONICET (National Research Council of Argentina).

October 17

Featured Speaker, Be’chol Lashon NY Discussion Group at the JBFCS, 135 W 50th St between 6th and 7th avenue on the 6th floor, 7 pm till 9 pm:

October 23

Jewish studies workshop at UConn-Storrs. Title: “Rarely Kosher: Studying Jews of Color in North America.”
1 PM, Dodd Research Center room 162.

October 25–26

Cornel West, Rozena Maart, and Lewis Gordon are Keynote speakers for Philosophy Born of Struggle Conference at Purdue University:

November 8

Benton gallery conversation with President Susan Herbst. Topic: The Salon at the Benton: Art and Conversation: Creativity and Civility:

November 13

Public Lecture at Rochester Institute of Technology: “Living Thought, Living Freedom though Three Themes of Africana Philosophy.” Contact: Janet Borgerson:

November 14

Public lecture as part of the series Freedom, Personhood, and Justice at Muhlenberg College. Title: "Decolonizing Freedom, Personhood, and Justice from the Perspective of Africana Philosophy"
Contact: Marcia Morgan []

November 21–24

Caribbean Philosophical Association meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico:


Commence EurPhilosohie Visiting Chair through giving a two-week seminar, “Fanon in French Philosophy” and will keynote conference on Fanon and psychoanalysis at Toulouse University, France

February 6

Public Lecture at Emory University. Topic: “Black Existentialism,” succeeded by special seminar the next day.

February 7

Joint-seminar on Frantz Fanon with Abdul JanMohamed at Emory University:  

February 17

Lecture for Amherst series on Permanent Catastrophe. Paper title: “On Ruin and Cultural Disaster.”
Contact Austin Sarat:

February 26

Public lecture, “Black Existentialism,” at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville 

March 6–8

Lecture at the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, University of Colorado Denver

April 5–7

Symposium on Jewish Religious and Philosophical Ethics at Schwalb Center for Israel and Jewish Studies at the University of Nebraska in Omaha, Nebraska 

April 24–25

Present leading paper in the conference: “Toward a New Pan-Africanism: Deploying Anthropology, Archaeology, History and Philosophy in the Service of Africa and the Diaspora” in Kingston, Jamaica: 

June 15–17

Main speaker for Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute (PIKI):

June 18

Public lecture, “Black Existentialism,” at Southern Illinois University at Edwardville.Contact Peg Simmons:

June 19–21

Keynote and participate in: Varieties of Existentialism, with Simone de Beauvoir Society, Caribbean Philosophical Association, and Sartre Society in St. Louis: & 

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